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About Us

Founded in 1947, Doremi Japan began business as a piano bass wire maker. As Japanese economy contined to grow rapidly, the demand for pianos were high and so were the demand of piano wires. There were about a dozen piano factories in Hamamatsu back then.

In the late 70’s, Doremi expanded the business to retail of new and used pianos and had a couple of stores in Japan. We discovered the demand of high quality used pianos and started collecting them. Because of our location, there are plenty of technicians and we quickly became premier restoration factory. Our bueinss expanded further and started supplying high quality used pianos to some of the largest piano stores in Japan.

In the 90’s, we started exporting our used pianos to overseas including the United States mostly by ocean containers. The demand of the high quality Japanese pianos were so popular in the US that we decided to open a branch in the US to better serve our customers. Today, our pianos are available through authorized dealers across the nation.

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