Founded in 1947, Doremi Japan began business as a piano string maker. Producing piano wire for some of the most famous pianos brands in the world. 20 years later, DOREMI discovered a need for high quality piano restoration services. Thru our industry experience we were able to hire some of the best piano technicians in Japan to make DOREMI Japan the premier piano restoration company while we continued to produce piano wire.

In the early 70ís Yamaha & Kawai became some of the most sought after pianos in the world. And the demand for high quality pianos from Japan surged. We then began purchasing and restoring pianos to specifically restore them for the North American Market.

Because of our superb quality and attention to the North American Marketplace, we discontinued to supply the wires (although we still make them for our restored pianos) and now provide fully restored and guaranteed pianos to hundreds of piano showrooms throughout the United States.

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