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Doremi spares no expense or time in restoring our pianos to their original tone and beauty. Our factory in Hamamatsu City, Japan houses the most modern machinery and tooling available. In addition, our technicians and craftspeople ( most of whom come to us from the production lines of other famous Japanese piano manufactures ) are among the most skilled and experienced in the piano industry.

Ultimate care is given to assure that all equipment is maintained in perfect condition. Quality control is paramount in every aspect of our facility. Only in this way can we assure that all pianos reach the “A” quality level before being shipped to the dealer.

Each piano is carefully packed and arrive at showroom. Our pianos are ready for sale as soon as you unbox them!

Here is a few example of how the repair is done:

Exterior repair and refinishing

From minor touch up to a whole case refinishing, we do whatever it takes to make sure each piano look like new.

Repair includes filling, priming, spraying and polishing.

Interior Cleaning

If re-stringing is not necessary, we clean the interior thoroughly.

We clean the soundboard, plate, pins and wire all by hands.

Hardware Cleaning

All the case parts need to be disassembled. Each hardware is buffed and polished to restore the original shine.

Hammer filing and damper regulation

Our technician carefully file hammers. This work is necessary to get the optimized sound.

White key polishing

Each key is polished carefully.

Key bushing replacement

Used piano come in different shape and many of them need a new bushing felt. It is a time consuming work but you do not cut corner as this will affect the touch of the piano.

Butt flange code for upright pianos

This is another very important work that affects the play-ability big time! After thousands of repair, it is safe to say our “flange cord lady” is a master.

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